Personalized Care

At St. Mary's Every Delivery is Special

We know having a baby is a time when you'll appreciate the support of a staff that understands your individual needs. St. Mary's nurses are on hand at all times to answer questions and provide support, with extensive training in the care of mothers and babies. And, your specially trained personal care maternity nurse will be with you every step of the way, from labor through postpartum, to make sure you and your baby receive the best possible care throughout your stay.

Family Birthing Center features
  • Single room suites
  • Warm, friendly nursing staff provide individualized care
  • "Rooming in" to allow baby and mom to bond and get off the to the best start together
  • Skin-to-skin contact with baby immediately following delivery
  • Lactation specialists available 7 days a week
  • Open visitation policy—dads may choose to stay overnight
  • Latest technology including ultrasound and fetal monitoring
  • WiFi availability
  • Family lounges
  • Cookies and milk at bedtime
  • Celebration meal
  • Locked unit with infant security alarms
  • Pain management
    • Holistic methods, such as birthing balls and water therapy
    • Medical management, such as epidurals and anesthesiology 24/7
    • Nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide for pain management
HSHS St. Vincent and St. Mary’s Hospitals in Green Bay are the only two hospitals in Green Bay to offer nitrous oxide.
Nitrous oxide is often used at the dentist and referred to as laughing gas. By inhaling the gas through a mask, nitrous oxide is a safe and proven method for anxiety and pain management during labor.
A temporary method of pain relief – since it is cleared from the body when the patient stops inhaling the gas and removes the mask – it can be an alternative to pain medication if someone is leaning toward a more natural childbirth experience.
Side effects are minimal (no side effects for baby) and it can be used with other pain relief methods as some women may decide they would like to switch from nitrous oxide to pain medication (Nubain) during labor. In addition, nitrous oxide is often used before having an epidural and it is also safe to have an epidural later on.
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